The Ombudsman Institute was created at JSC National Geological Service (hereinafter referred to as NGS) for the purposes of:

— compliance by officials and employees of the NHS with the principles of business ethics;

— strengthening measures to prevent and resolve corporate conflicts and social and labor disputes;

— creation of a positive corporate climate in the NGS .

One of the main functions of the Ombudsman is to ensure and improve the corporate culture of the NGS through early warning, resolution of disputes and conflicts, bringing to the attention of relevant bodies and officials problematic issues that are systemic in nature and require appropriate decisions, as well as putting forward proposals for their solution.

Activities are regulated   by the regulations on the Ombudsman

Contact Information

In order to prevent the observance of workers’ rights, confidential and accessible means of informing in real time about all facts of illegal actions on the part of both workers and third parties have been organized.

Any NGS employee or other person, if there are doubts about the legality of the actions of other employees, contractors or other persons who interact with the NGS, can report this to management, his immediate supervisor, the Ombudsman through the following channels and means of communication:

Address: 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, st. A. Mambetova, 32, building of the Geology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

By decision of the NGS Board of Directors dated July 12, 2023, the fulfillment of the duties of the Ombudsman was assigned to the NGS Corporate Secretary Aldabergenova Zeynegul Mukashevna.

Phone: +7 (7172) 57-93-37


All appeals will be considered in the prescribed manner and within the time frame, with appropriate measures being taken to reduce the likelihood of similar situations reoccurring in the future and applicants being notified of the results of the review.

pdf Regulation on the Ombudsman of JSC NGSK

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