The Geological Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan was officially opened in September 1997. It was organized on the basis of the geological collections of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials.

The main objectives of the Republican Geological Museum are to familiarize themselves with the mineral and raw materials complex of Kazakhstan. For this purpose, the museum is designed in the form of an underground mine working with a mine cage and consists of 3 halls, where samples of minerals and rocks are exhibited in an amount of more than 2500 pieces:

— I – small hall, decorated in the form of rocks of a mountain working;

– II – “Mineralogical Gallery”, which presents native elements, minerals, colored stones and rocks;

— III — Diorama “The Origin of Life on Earth” with sound effects and a cinema hall where a film about the origin of life on Earth is shown

The museum is located underground at a depth of 5 m. Visitors descend into the museum on a mining lift.

The original exhibition covers an area of ​​about 941 sq.m. presents extensive collections of ores from various deposits, models of geological exploration instruments, drilling rigs, jewelry, boxes, souvenirs made from stones, etc.

The Mineralogical Gallery contains exhibits from all over Kazakhstan, Russia, far and near abroad – ashirites, moss agates, black morions, pyrites, calcites, etc.

Geological models show the structure of the earth’s crust, sections of volcanoes, as well as methods for searching and exploring mineral deposits.

Computer programs clearly show and explain various geological processes.

The museum has a cinema room with a projection TV, where films on geological topics are shown.

The museum maintains close ties with other geological and natural museums of the world, and exchanges information and collection materials.

The wealth and diversity of the museum’s exhibits enable visitors of any level, from primary school children to professional geologist, to find here information niches that correspond to their level of knowledge.

An experienced guide will help you resolve any questions that arise during your tour of the museum.

Cost of entrance tickets and services of the Geological Museum.

The Museum of Geology is located in Almaty, on Dostyk Avenue 85

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00 – 17.00 

Contacts: 8(727)261-52-83

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